Tuesday, 20 June 2017

What Is On Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?

What Is On Page SEO?

                  Before we started you must understand exactly what is SEO. SEO is an process of boost your website's search engine ranking for popular and relevant keywords and phrases for maximum exposure. In short, SEO are actions that can be taken to help increase your search engine rankings inside of your website.
                   On-Page SEO refers to a practice of optimizing the web pages in order to rank those pages higher and to attract more relevant traffics in the search engines. On-Page covers both content and HTML source codes of a page that can be optimized.

  1. Title tag
  2. Meta tags
  3. Heading tags
  4. Image alt text
  5. Internal linking
  6. Image optimization
  7. URL structure
  8. Content of page
  9. Site speed
What is Off-Page SEO?
                Off-Page SEO strategies mean the activities which any website representative performs outside the boundaries of their websites to seek attention.

  1. Link building
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Social bookmarking


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